Realization of services of the national interoperability infrastructure for Electronic Health Record

The joint project between the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) and the National Research Council is aimed at defining and realizing software components to be deployed in the Italian national interoperability infrastructure for Electronic Health Record (EHR), which will be made available by AgID, as set out in Decree 179/2012, successively amended and supplemented by Decree 69/2013.

The strategic objective of this infrastructure is the realization of a set of services, which will be offered at central level, able to support the interoperability among the EHR regional systems. Such systems are being implemented by all the Italian Regions and Autonomous Provinces according to the guidelines and technical specifications elaborated by the National EHR Technical Table, to which the CNR has participated in the context of the project named "Interventions in support of the realization of EHR".

The central services that will be implemented have been identified on the basis of the requests made by the Regions and Autonomous Provinces in the project plans for the regional EHR implementation presented according to the national guidelines.