InFSE, OpenInFSE, and OpenInFSE 2.0

The InFSE project has been carried out as part of a collaboration between the Department for Digitization of the Public Administration and Technological Innovation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the National Research Council (CNR). It has been aimed at supporting the process of development of a federated Electronic Health Record (EHR) infrastructure of the citizen, shared at a national level and compliant to the international scene, with particular attention to the issues of security and privacy.

The purpose of InFSE has been the design of a technology infrastructure that can enable citizens and authorized health professionals to access health information of their competence, wherever they are located in the national territory and subject to the protection of privacy, and to facilitate the management of healthcare processes.

The OpenInFSE project has aimed to realize an Italian interoperability framework for EHR systems. This framework has made operational the InFSE infrastructure architectural model by implementing a set of software components and deploying them at the nodes of several Italian Regions.

Finally, the OpenInFSE 2.0 project has been a continuation of the previous initiatives, with the intention to consolidate the results already obtained and to support the spread on the territory of a solution for the technological interoperability of EHR systes, and open to the new paradigm of Cloud Computing.


Architectural model of InFSE


The projects have achieved the following objectives:
  • Analysis of the state of the art on the projects and initiatives related to EHR on a national basis.
  • Approval of the guidelines and specifications on the InFSE infrastructure by the Table of Electronic Health of the Italian Regions and Autonomous Provinces (TSE).
  • Development of an operational federated infrastructure to support the interoperability among territorial EHR solutions in the context of the Public System of Connectivity (SPC, a set of technological infrastructures for the cooperation among Italian Public Administrations).
  • Definition and implementation of interoperability technological solutions and software components shared among all the relevant actors.
  • Development of models for the integration of value-added services for the citizen, in line with the strategies of reorganization of the care processes aiming at providing an increasing role in home care.


Experimentations have been carried out to test the interoperability among the EHR systems of Calabria, Campania, and Piemonte Regions.
Moreover, the proposed infrastructure has been used by the Regions (Lombardia, Abruzzo, Emilia Romagna, Molise, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Sardegna, Toscana, Umbria, Veneto, and Autonomous Province of Trento) which have participated to the Italian IPSE project (linked to the European epSOS project) with the aim of making their regional EHR systems able to interoperate each other for the interchange of patient summaries.
Finally, another experimentation of the infrastructure has regarded the interchange of healthcare documents among the EHR systems of Calabia, Campaina, and Tuscan Regions.


M. Ciampi and M. Sicuranza, "Componenti OpenInFSE", software components developed as Web Services in compliance to the InFSE architectural model and technical specifications. Software can be downloaded here.

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