A.S.K-Health “Advanced system for the interpretation and sharing of knowledge in the healthcare sector”

The project is substantiated as the result of several converging lines of research aimed at developing a system to support complex organizations, based on a new representation of information assets. Research is to be carried out in the healthcare environment.

The ultimate goals are:- a uniform and standard representation, and hence transferable, of the "knowledge" and "practice" of the organization;- a virtual integration of internal and external knowledge of the structure;- the possibility of analyzing the same information base on multiple levels (multidimensional);- the opportunity to combine traditional techniques and methods of information retrieval with paradigms emerging from WEB experience (ontological search engines and semantic analysis).


Selected publications

  • C. Esposito, M. Ciampi, and G. De Pietro, "An event-based notification approach for the delivery of patient medical information", Information Systems, Vol. 39, pp. 22-24, Elsevier, January 2014, Impact Factor: 1.235
  • C. Esposito and M. Ciampi, "A Hierarchical Event-based Architecture for the Notification of Medical Document Availability", accepted at IWBBIO 2013 - International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering