A glove-based interface for 3D medical image visualization


glove3In this work, we describe a 3D user interface that uses a Wiimote-enhanced wireless data glove as the input device and provides interaction techniques specifically developed for exploring medical data in semi-immersive virtual environments.

In greater detail, the interface allows you to rotate and move 3D reconstructions of anatomical parts, to dolly the camera and to control the position of a 3D cursor over the object shapes. Different sources of data are considered: positional data provided by the Wiimote, which tracks the InfraRed (IR) Light Emitting Diodes (LED) placed on the glove; orientation data provided by the accelerometer integrated into the glove; and finger joint movement data provided by the finger bend sensors of the glove.

Besides the inexpensiveness of the whole system, a main advantage of the proposed interface is its portability. To manipulate 3D data all that is required is to wear the glove and place the Wiimote in front of it.

This user interface has been integrated in MITO (Medical Imaging TOolkit), an open-source PACS-integrated medical image viewer.


L. Gallo, “A Glove-Based Interface for 3D Medical Image Visualization”, in Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (R. J. Howlett, L. C. Jain, G. A. Tsihrintzis, E. Damiani, M. Virvou, R. J. Howlett, and L. C. Jain, eds.), vol. 6 of Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, (Berlin Heidelberg), pp. 221–230, Springer-Verlag, 2010. 
Best Research Paper Award at the 3rd International Symposium on Intelligent and Interactive Multimedia: Systems and Services, Baltimore, USA, 28-30 July 2010.