Wiimote-based 3D user interfaces

wiimote2The goal is to design a semi-immersive medical imaging environment which uses a Wiimote, the primary controller for the Nintendo WiiTM console, as the only input device. The Wiimote is an input device that, by virtue of its features, can be considered as an absolute novelty among 3D user interfaces. The presence of both an infrared camera and a three-axes accelerometer makes it possible to use it in many ways following different interaction metaphors.

We modeled the user’s interaction by using a finite state machine. In the manipulation state, the 3D object can be rotated, translated or cropped. The object in the virtual space will rotate along the same axis and with the same angle as of the input device. During the 3D interaction with the Wiimote, the system can be in two states: Pointing or Manipulation. According to the interaction state, user actions have different effects.


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