Rapid Prototyping of Touchless User Interfaces


Recent advances in depth-sensing technologies are fostering the design of Natural User Interfaces (NUI) for use in several application domains. However, due to the complexity of existing software components and to compatibility issues, the design process remains challenging. We propose a framework aimed at facilitating the development of natural, touch less user interfaces. The proposed framework, which is based on the publish-subscribe paradigm, allows product and interaction designers to rapidly prototype and test their system by building upon a set of standard modules. The framework also provides the building blocks to extend the basic set of modules, easing code reuse.

Such a framework, which has been entirely written in C++, encapsulates and hides heterogenous software environments brought in by third party components, so simplifying the design of advanced natural user interfaces. Future work will be focused on extending the framework by integrating more advanced filtering algorithms for the data produced by higher level components and adding crossplatform support. Furthermore, given the growing trend for integrating depth-sensing technologies into smart phones, a future project will be to adapt the existing components so that they work on mobile devices.



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