Mobile Healthcare

Mobile Healthcare - “mHealth” is most commonly used in reference to using mobile communication devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs, for health services and information. mHealth applications include the use of mobile devices in collecting community and clinical health data, delivery of healthcare information to practitioners, researchers, and patients, real-time monitoring of patient vital signs, and direct provision of care. In this area we are working for design and develop an open architecture that offers interoperable mechanisms for data capture, transport, management, privacy and sharing. Thanks to an open mHealth architecture, clinical and public health providers and researchers can mix and match from a rich, flexible set of data acquisition and analysis components to configure custom apps that may be more effective for extending care into daily lives.

Real-time Denoising Tecniques for biomedical signals on mobile devices

denoising1Today a lot of applications to acquire biomedical signals from wearable devices are being developed for mobile applications in order to support the improvement in the quality of patients’ life. Generally biomedical signals suffer from additional artifacts that can compromise the information content of the signal.In this new scenario for the biomedical processing, we have realized a framework for mobile ECG denoising based on a novel numerical scheme.


mHealth Application for Fall Detection

falldetectionThis research activity is aiming to realize an innovative approach to discriminate in real time falls from normal daily activities on the basis of the automatic extraction of knowledge expressed as a set of IF-THEN rules. Several methods already exist to perform this task, but approaches able to provide explicit formalized knowledge and high classification accuracy have not yet been developed and would be highly desirable.


New Methodologies for the Analysis of the Speech Signal on Mobile Devices

speechanalysis1This research activity aims to the study and development of a new methodologies for the analysis of the speech signal on mobile devices. The goal is the realizing of an easy and fast instrument for people screening useful for detecting a probable pathologies of phonatory apparatus, namely “dysphonia”. .


Monitoring and Detecting of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Episodes

sleep-apnoeaThis research aimes at developing a simple mobile system that provides an easy, reliable, inexpensive, transportable, and fast approach to assist OSA patients. This approach is based on the automatic extraction of explicit knowledge in the form of a set of IF…THEN rules personalized for each patient.


Mobile System for Cardiac Monitoring

mobilesystemdevicesWe have developed a mobile intelligent system for simple cardiac monitoring. The system is based on a rule-based Decision Support System able to formalize the expert’s knowledge in order to achieve more reliable alarm and warning generation.


Mobile Tele-Auscultation Solution

tele-auscultationThis research activity is aiming to design and develop technological solutions to support the improvement in the quality of the patient's life. In detail, we have developed a prototype of a mobile tele-auscultation solution that allows the physician to perform a remote cardio-respiratory auscultation in real-time through the use of an audio-video call and a digital electronic stethoscope.