Mobile Tele-Auscultation Solution

auscultation2This research activity is aiming to design and develop technological solutions to support the improvement in the quality of the patient's life.

In detail, we have developed a prototype of a mobile tele-auscultation solution that allows the physician to perform a remote cardio-respiratory auscultation in real-time through the use of an audio-video call and a digital electronic stethoscope.

The audio-video call session supports the connection and the communication between the patient and the physician, as well as video images showing where the patient is placing the stethoscope on her/his body.

Anyone in his own home can self-monitor her/his health status with an electronic stethoscope and can start a real-time tele-consulting with the doctor.

Another aspect of the study is to investigate smart techniques to guide the patient in the positioning of the stethoscope sensor on her/his body.