Real-time Denoising Tecniques for biomedical signals on mobile devices

denoising1Today a lot of applications to acquire biomedical signals from wearable devices are being developed for mobile applications in order to support the improvement in the quality of patients’ life. Generally biomedical signals suffer from additional artifacts that can compromise the information content of the signal.

Currently, several desktop applications have been developed to restore signal quality, but the new challenge is to reformulate these methods for mobile applications.

Smart applications for mobile computing should require low computational resources while preserving the accuracy of the solutions with respect to mathematical and biomedical measurements. In this new scenario for the biomedical processing, we have realized a framework for mobile ECG denoising based on a novel numerical scheme.

The proposed system is able to acquire an ECG signal from a wearable sensor and to process it in real time directly on the mobile device removing the main artifacts as the power line interference, muscle noises, base line wandering and others.


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