Ambient Intelligence for Healthcare

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is an innovative computing paradigm and refers to electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. A recent trend has been to use these technologies in new domains like hospitals, old people’s homes, emergency departments, etc.

The purpose of this topic is to develop smart environments able to assist patients in their daily activities especially concerning cognitive impaired people. Cognitive impairments, such as those caused by the Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), are becoming a major factor of risk for older people. Progressive impairment in the activities of daily living, as well as cognitive deterioration, leads to an increase in patient dependency.

Cognitive assistance

In order to help cognitive impaired patients to avoid (or recover from) a dangerous situation or compensate their cognitive impairments, this task aims at defining intelligent agents able to help the patients in the case of a crisis (e.g. amnesia) or in a dangerous situation. This requires the identification of dangerous situations and cognitive impairments and the definition of "cognitive helps" in response to a potentially dangerous situation.

Anomalous behavior recognition and situation prediction

This topic concerns the definition of techniques and methodologies, based on formal methods, for the detection and identification of anomalous human behavior especially concerning cognitive impaired patients. This includes: the definition of formalisms for the representation of human behaviors and anomalies; the definition of techniques and tools for the analysis, detection and identification of anomalous behaviors; the definition of formalisms for the representation of current and (potential) future situations; the definition of methods for the prediction of situation transitions.

Rapid prototyping

AmbientDesignerThe availability of tools for the rapid prototyping of AmI applications is becoming a need in order to allow the producers of such a kind of system to scale the market.

Two development tools, Ambient Designer and Uranus, are being developed. Their preliminary versions are available for download.



MonitoringA few applications have been realized concerning the monitoring of vital signs and the enhancement of the workflow in hospital.


Formal specification and verification

FormalSpecThe trend to use AmI technologies in domains like hospitals, old people’s homes, emergency scenarios, which must be considered safety critical and present a new criticality especially concerning the issues of expressing requirements, verifying and validating them, ensuring functional correctness, is calling for methodologies and tools for assuring adequate dependability levels.