Knowledge Management

This topic deals with the definition and realization of techniques, algorithms and tools to manage the corpus of knowledge used by a DSS in terms of user-friendly facilities of knowledge editing coupled with enhanced capabilities of rule consistency verification with the final aim of making a DSS easily upgradable also by a non-technical audience, such as medical users.

Knowledge Verification

The goal is to define and develop algorithms and techniques for verifying the consistency of medical knowledge formalized in a crisp or fuzzy knowledge base and, thus, for detecting structural errors and the set of rules causing them.


Knowledge Editing

The goal is to design and develop user-friendly facilities and tools to edit medical knowledge to be added in the corpus of knowledge used by a DSS . We developed a Knowledge Base Editor able to guide and assist the creation and formalization of both crisp and fuzzy knowledge bases for DSSs, granting, on one hand, a semantic expressivity as close as possible to expert natural language and hiding, on the other hand, the complex syntaxes of the knowledge representation languages, mainly oriented towards machines or designed for logicians and programmers and not for domain experts (e.g., physicians) who are often not well-trained in formal methods.